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The story behind Maaslander Boerenkaas

There are some projects that we just can’t talk about enough. Our campaign with Maaslander is one of those projects. For this traditional Dutch brand we were briefed to tell the story behind their ‘Boerenkaas’, in order to raise brand preference and awareness for this product. We selected two influencers, who visited the farms where ‘Boerenkaas’ is made, to get to the bottom of the production process and the craftsmanship and dedication that goes into it. This resulted in Jet van Nieuwkerk and Ellemieke Vermolen, both authorities in the field of food and nourishment, visiting the farms and experiencing firsthand how Boerenkaas is made, from the milk to the finished result, with which Ellemieke and Jet prepared a delicious meal. The video’s were viewed 1,4 million times, and reached over 4 million people!

Tele2 and FC Utrecht DreamTeam

Play a game of FIFA against the real players? Or go to the game of the year in.. Hmm let’s say, a helicopter? Tele2 and FC Utrecht have been carrying around the idea of realizing the biggest dreams of their fans. That’s why Tele2 briefed Storyboard to provide concepting and production for FC Utrecht’s DreamTeam, in a way that suited the Tele2 mantra: ‘Not because You Had To, But Because You Can.’ We built the landingpage where fans could send in their dreams, and got things going with a snappy kick-off video, explaining the concept. The response was overwhelming, and the first few dreams have already become reality! The result? A pile of positive reactions for FC Utrecht and Tele2. And we’re not done yet; plenty more dreams to come true!



Share your light with Rituals

The holidays is the most crucial period of the year for ‘giving brand’ Rituals. The end of last year Rituals provided us with the opportunity to really go all out. With a huge international influencer campaign, Rituals wanted to highlight a variety of products and campaigns (such as #ShareYourLight) at once. To achieve this, we selected 11 influencers from eight countries, from Sweden to Switzerland. Depending on the market, the chosen influencer published a picture or a video posting, which we amplified with targeted social advertising on Facebook. This lead to a total reach of over 16 million people, with 700.000 engagements. Rituals owns the holidays, that much was for sure!

Rituals Express Your Soul

No matter how many times we do it, it’s always amazing to work with a big number of talented people on one campaign. Our recent campaign for Rituals is a good example. The cosmetics brand asked graffiti-artist MadC to design the artwork for their Express Your Soul product line. Together with her we made three awesome videos where she expressed her own soul and painted a gigantic canvas in the middle of Berlin, Antwerp and Amsterdam.
For part two of the campaign, we made a translation of the concept in a selection of diverse Rituals markets. With video’s were people such as Cata.Pirata, Igone de Jongh, Joy Anna Thielemans and Jana Pallaske all opened up about their intuition and soul. We are very proud of our third international campaign for Rituals. Enjoy!

All Roads Lead To Rome – ANWB

With the goal of showcasing the benefits of the ANWB Visa Card amongst a wide target audience, Storyboard initiated the ‘All Roads Lead To Rome’ content campaign. For this project, we traveled to Rome with three different sets of influencers, each relating to a different fragment of the target audience. Every set used the ANWB Visa Card to travel to Rome in their own way, corresponding with their own interests and that of their online following. Their adventures were then spread in custom edits, aimed at the segmentations of the target audience, resulting in outstanding media results.

Drain The Internet with Tele2

Tele2 asked Storyboard to develop a consideration campaign that raises awareness for their unbelievable 24GB dataplan. Of course, this was all under the established slogan of ‘Not Because You Have To, But Because You Can.’ Storyboard developed the concept ‘Drain The Internet With…’, which we used to work with influencers Manuel Broekman and Jan Versteegh, challenging them to find an original way to use as much data as they can in a single day.

Score Karmapoints with Rituals

Who can’t use an extra pile of karmapoints? From that point of view, Rituals launched the #30DaysOfGoodKarma challenge, where participants where challenged to make the world a little better every day. Storyboard was asked to set up an international partnership with relevant influencers in Holland, Belgium, Germany and Sweden. Once the perfect fit was found for each market, the influencers gave their own interpretation of ‘Good Karma’ to their followers, inspiring them to join the challenge. This resulted in more than 50.000 participants and a whole lot of karma points!

One With The City for ASICS Tiger

Storyboard has been responsible for the development and execution of the social media strategie of ASICS Tiger. To support the international #OneWithTheCity campaign, we developed an entertaining videoseries, where relevant urban influencers gave a personal tour of ‘their’ city, using their senses: taste, sight, hearing, touch, and scent. After all, you experience the city with all your senses.