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Those who tell the stories rule the world

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Storyboard is specialized in influencer marketing and branded content. We connect brands to the most well known influencers in The Netherlands and Europe, develop remarkable digital content, and reach millions of consumers every month.
We operate on the intersection between data and creativity, and guide our clients to qualitative content using this combination. Branded content that resonates with the passions and interests of online audiences.



Our Services

Strategy & Creation

We develop remarkable content strategies and branded content concepts for leading brands in Europe.

Data-driven Influencer Network

Storyboard operates the most influential network of celebrities in The Netherlands and Europe, consisting of leading TV personalities, athletes and musicians.

Content & Digital Video

Storyboard has in-house content production, directing, editing and post-production facilities.

Social Media & Campaign Management

Since 2010 we've helped brands develop and roll out distinguishing and relevant social media approaches; from always-on to burst campaigns.

  • Projects

    Tele2 #hatersgonnalove

    Despite all the fun online, we see how the internet is flooded with hate, every single day. #notcool! That’s why service provider Tele2 came up with a campaign in which they call upon people to respond to these haters with unrelenting love, using the hashtag #hatersgonnalove. Storyboard was asked to turn this great idea into a larger movement on social. So, we developed a video campaign in which we gave online celeb Kaj Gorgels the opportunity to confront one of his haters in real life with nothing but ‘luv, luv, luuuv’! The video was distributed via multiple Dutch influencers for maximum reach, resulting in masses of fans that closed this wonderful, positive idea into their hearts!

  • Projects

    SPA: The Purest Picture

    To showcase the purity of SPA-water, JWT developed a unique campaign for SPA, titled ‘The Purest Picture.’ A campaign where photographer Robin de Puy shot beautiful, pure portraits through a special lense; a drop of SPA-mineral water. Yup, awesome times infinity. Initiative asked us to select two influencers who could carry this campaign into the hearts of the target audience. The perfect match was found in Manuel Broekman and Tess Milne, who’s portraits and mini-documentaries were distributed on their social channels by Storyboard.

  • Projects

    Van Dobben contentpartner

    How cool is this; being able to design and implement the social content strategy for an entire year for Hollands most respected maker of traditional snacks; Van Dobben. One of the most iconic brands in the Dutch food industry. We were tasked to develop a strong digital footprint and an inventive media distribution to bring new life to Van Dobben’s social channels. We’ve already discovered how the rich history and culinary traditions of the brand create an appetite for great content.

  • Projects

    Heineken Grand Prix

    For a chunk of extra buzz around their campaign 'The Invention', Heineken set up a world class dinner in the middle of the Rijksmuseum. Heineken asked Storyboard to bring forward some influential participants and create an effective content campaign with them. We selected 14 talents, that would share their experiences during this amazing night in three flights. This meant that we had a superstar dinner table with guests such as Jan Kooijman, Eddy Zoey, Lauren Verster, Dennis Weening, Tim Douwsma and Mattie & Wietze. Pretty impressive! Thanks to daily monitoring and optimization, we realized 3,3 million moments of contact with 122.000 engagements and.... One epic group selfie!

  • Projects

    From the barrels to the bar with Jack Daniel's

    Since 2011, Storyboard has been the dedicated content agency of Jack Daniel's in The Netherlands. Thanks to a constantly evolving social strategy, we've been able to build a large and loyal fanbase on both Facebook and Instagram, with a loyal community that has set the standard in the business. In 2016 Storyboard was also responsible for the D150 campaign, celebrating the 150th birthday of the Jack Daniel's distillery. Never before has there been a better reason to give the local consumer insight in the ways of working for this iconic brand. And that's exactly what we did, in three episodes, with Dennis Weening and Veronica Van Hoogdalem. From the barrels to the bar.

    Cheers to that!